Linemen Don’t Let Lineman…

What kind of Lineman culture do you have where you work? Do you wake up in the morning and dread going to work? We all want to work at a place where everyone gets along and works together to get the job done. But sometimes it’s a discouraging struggle, other Lineman stabbing you in the back, jealousies, selfishness and conflict. Who’s working the OT, what crew you get put on, what click you are in. The good news is things can change. If you want to see changes where you work it all begins with you.

In a winning Lineman culture, Linemen hold themselves and each other accountable. What do I mean by winning culture.? A culture that makes way for positive attitudes, high expectations and safe performances. A winning Lineman culture everyone owns their own performance, works together for the common good and gives their all to win.

It all begins on how you treat your fellow lineman. I have worked at yards that were a pleasure to work at, every Lineman worked together towards a common goal. Every day was actually a little fun to come to work. I have also worked at yards where no one could get along and it was a miserable place to be. We all talk about being our brother’s keeper but a lot of places that doesn’t happen.

Have you ever played on a sports team? Our jobs share a lot in common with being on a sports team. Sports teams have multiple people playing together, our crews we have multiple people working together. You probably have the same type of team structure in your yard, other linemen are your teammates and your supervisors are the coaches. On the sports team and the lineman team the success of the team is directly related to how good of a team culture you have.  If you want to win on a sports team everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction, the same thing goes for your line crew.

If you want to improve the winning at the yard you work take a minute to listen while I share 8 simple rules you can use to improve your workplace and make it a better place to work. All 8 of these things I picked up from the base yards I worked at that had a winning Lineman culture. The Lineman held each other accountable. The supervisors at these winning yards rarely had to straighten anything out because we did it.

The places that I worked at that had a terrible Lineman culture, the lineman broke every one of these.

I call these things “Lineman don’t let Lineman do” if they want to work in a winning Lineman culture:

1.   Lineman don’t let Lineman take safety shortcuts.

2.   Lineman don’t let Lineman complain or gripe.

3.  Lineman don’t let other Lineman try to destroy or divide the team.

4. Lineman don’t let Lineman act in a selfish manner.

5.   Lineman don’t let Lineman disrespect each other.

6.   Lineman don’t let the team down (sick, trouble, call out, customers etc.)

7.   Lineman don’t let Lineman talk trash about their Supervisors.

8.   Lineman take their place in management when it is time.

There you have it, if you want to work in a yard with a winning lineman culture take some of these to heart. I’m not perfect, and at some time I have probably broken every one of them. But I did learn from my mistakes. The only person you can control in this world is you, try some of these and see how they work out. Plant the seed and watch it grow. Make your yard a safe and fun place to work.Once you work in a winning lineman culture you never will want to go back.

“Opinions expressed are solely my own and may not express the views or opinions of my employer.”