Being a Lineman, It’s Not All Unicorns & Rainbows

So You Want to Live The Lineman Life:

It seems like being a Lineman has gone mainstream, anybodycan get into a Lineman school or program if they have the money. Before yousign up for Lineman training at a tech school or pursue going straight to workfor a utility or coop think about this. This is not your typical 9 to 5 job.Our #1 purpose as Lineman is to make sure the electricity stays on. We servethe public, and with that comes a greater responsibility. You are needed mostat the worst possible times. With that being said:

Yes, you can make great money.

Yes, you can afford nice vehicles, houses and go on goodvacations.

Yes, you can save money and have a retirement better thanmost if you just save a little.

Yes, you will get to go places that most people never get tosee.

Yes, when you help get the lights on during a disaster thepublic will love you.

Yes, you will have lifelong friends that are closer thanyour own brother.

But it comes at a cost

Yes, sometimes you will do the same boring, repetitive taskday after day.

Yes, you will sometimes be around people you don’t like.

Yes, you will be around people who smell, fart and belch.

Yes, you will sometimes miss your kids or your wife’sbirthday.

Yes, you will have to miss holidays at home with your familyto work. Could be Christmas, 4th of July, Easter.

Yes, you will miss weddings, funerals and cookout you wantedto go to.

Yes, sometimes you will probably miss the Superbowl ornational championship game you wanted to watch

Yes, because of working outside in the weather you willfreeze your ass off, melt with the heat, get soaked with rain, blown around bythe wind or any combination of the above.

Yes, you will have to work 30 hours straight on occasionwithout sleep, wearing the same clothes.

Yes, your phone will ring at 1am and you will think, “notagain”. I didn’t get any sleep last night either.

Yes, you will miss some meals while you are out workingtrouble.

Yes, your relationship with your wife or girlfriend will getstrained from you being away.

Yes, you will miss your family and other loved ones.

Yes, you might not be able to play in that summer softballleague you wanted to play in because you have to work or maybe you can’t takethe chance of getting hurt in a game because your family depends on that OT youmake to survive.

Yes, there are times when you will think to yourself, “whatam I doing out here? Is it really worth it.”

So it’s not all Unicorns and Rainbows out here. I talkedbefore about this is not a job it’s a career. So before you commit your hardearned money to going to a Lineman school I just want you to know what you aregetting into. Not everyone is cutout for being a lineman, I have seen manypeople come in with good intentions and not be able to make it. One of myfriends on Instagram put it best, “Being a Lineman is a commitment, you have tolive and breathe it. If you don’t there is a damn good chance you are going todie.”

Even with all the negatives there is no place I would ratherbe, the positives far outweigh the negatives.  

  • Very well put! As much as I respect power lineman and the risks they take; I just want to give a shout out to the communication lineman who face the same challenges,
    David Ray Lewis, Journeyman Lineman