TTL 039 Every New Lineman Needs To Read This

Lineman Ethos Poster

The Lineman Ethos

Linemen are a different (rare) breed. At the center of our culture are the values of safety, service, professionalism and loyalty. I accept these values as my own. Linemen are physically strong, intelligent and have unmatched mental resolve.

We demand safety. The lives of my teammates and their families depend on my knowledge and proficiency in following recognized utility safety standards. I will always follow proper safety rules even when they seem petty or inconvenient. If I have safety concerns, my brother lineman expect that I will point them out in a professional manner. I in turn, will always listen to the safety concerns of my brothers even when it might not be popular, or I don’t agree. As a lineman, I alone am responsible for my own safety and I take it upon myself to watch the backs of my fellow lineman.

We are leaders and followers, as a leader, when asked, I will step up to lead with humility and serve the best interest of my followers. When I lead, I lead by example. I will always put the needs of my followers before myself.  As a follower I will endeavor to support my assigned leader to the best of my ability. I will afford him the same respect that I would ask others to afford me. I understand there will be times when I don’t agree with my leader, on these occasions I will communicate my concerns to my leader and seek to better understand their directives. I will refrain from putting my leader in a bad light.

As a Lineman I have a duty to the public to protect their safety and work to keep the grid up and running even in times of adversity. I don’t take this duty lightly and I accept the responsibilities placed on me to come to work when needed to get the power back on. Money is not always the biggest factor in my decision to come to work. I will always do my part to answer my phone and be fit for duty even though it might not always be convenient for me or my family. I will work with humility and not seek extra reward or recognition for my actions other than knowing I performed my assigned duty.

I am loyal to my fellow Linemen. I will always seek to support my brothers on and off the job.  I will endeavor to pass the knowledge taught to me by my senior lineman down to those that now seek my knowledge. My training is never complete, and I will always be open to learning. Even though I will not always like everyone, I will remain professional in my actions towards other linemen.  Many linemen have come before me and upheld these standards and traditions that I am being asked to uphold. The legacy of the lineman before me is now dependent on me.