If you are in one of these categories below, this is the place for you.

    1) You are a Lineman, Apprentice or Helper.
    2) You like to hear stories about other lineman.
    3) You would like to be a better mentor, leader or crew-member.

Hi, my name is David Spooner. I have been involved with line-work since 1979. I started as a helper and moved up through the ranks over the course of my career. I worked for a utility in S.C. for 34 years before moving to Hawaii with my linewife, I now work for Hawaii Electric Light on the big island of Hawaii.

As a lineman I was taught to pay back what I learned from the guys that trained me. I now try to help others by passing down some of that information. I am no expert, I was hard-headed coming up as a lineman, I had to learn some lessons the hard way to get to where I am today. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.